Well Pumps

Residential water well systems rely on a type of pump to provide water flow, measured in gallons per minute, and pressure, measured in P.S.I. The most common type of pump is a submersible pump that is inside of the well. Other pumps could be a “Jet Pump” which comes in single or two pipes referring to the suction side. Single pipe jet or centrifugal pumps are limited in capacity due to atmospheric pressure. In Illinois, single pipe jet pumps are limited to about 25’ of suction lift whereas two pipe jet pumps have much deeper capacities due to the placement of the jet body. Submersible pumps have become the industry standard type of pump for many years which have motor sizes ranging from 0.5-200 H.P. and flow rates from 5-1000+ G.P.M. Most households will operate sufficiently with 10 G.P.M. In order to properly size a submersible pump, the installer will need to determine the total dynamic head or “TDH” for your system. This is done by figuring out the wells pumping water level, friction loss in the piping, and the system pressure converted to feet. With proper installation and maintenance, you should expect years of service from your pump.

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